Many patients make a visit to the dentist not for the purpose of curing pain, but to improve the look of their smiles. This can be achieved with several services which include veneers, teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures. Now, you can add Botox therapy to that list!

When you think of Botox, you imagine a cosmetic procedure that improves your skin and makes you look younger. Botox is undeniably one of the most famous beauty industry treatments. So you may question, what is this procedure doing at a dental office? Well, Botox can help in dental treatments. Surprised? Then read on.

We live in a world where appearance highly matters. The significance of an attractive smile can’t be overestimated. Not only does your smile boost your confidence but also gives you a friendly appearance and makes you more approachable. This in turn without a doubt affects your social as well as professional life. However, a lot of people are forced to shy away from smiling due to all kinds of dental issues.

So how is Botox linked to your dental visits? Some procedures greatly depend on the overall mouth or face shape. If a patient undergoes a restorative dental procedures that changes the smile for example, then the dentist would consider how facial treatments like botox – and even dermal fillers would correct the overall result.

According to research our emotions are reinforced by our facial expressions and by reducing our ability to frown, we can apparently be happier. Indirectly, botox can improve our dental health, because stress and worry are linked to poor health overall. People who are happy about their facial appearance worry less and are able to handle stress better. Botox can also reduce teeth grinding and make it easier to wear night guards.

Consider Botox treatment at your next dental appointment because dentists have great knowledge about your facial muscle structure and overall esthetics of the face which makes them completely trained to perform Botox treatments.