Long before Botox injections were used for cosmetic treatments, they were used for medical purposes. As a therapeutic tool, Botox is an essential part of dental implant therapy and TMJ treatment.

Sometimes Botox can also be used by dentists to augment dental procedures designed to improve the appearance. Injections of Botox, for example, can lift the corners of the mouth corner, smooth wrinkles, and enhance the smile line. “Dentists have more training and knowledge of oral and oral-facial areas than any other healthcare professional,” says Dr. Malecki of Boston Dental. “They have comprehensive knowledge of facial muscle expressions, are the most experienced practitioner for giving intra oral injections, and consider dental proportions before augmentation for ideal results.”

Also Botox specialists at Boston Dental can help relieve painful conditions triggered by problematic muscles that cause involuntary muscle clenching and facial tics. Come by the dental office for cosmetic or therapeutic Botox therapy alone or in combination with your restorative treatment.


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