We are facing unprecedented times with the Covid-19 global pandemic but we’re going to come out of this tougher and, without a shadow of a doubt, united. During these uncertain walks of life, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. No country, no leader, no individual is immune to the impact but together, the fight is won.

As always, the safety of our valued patients and team members is our number one priority at Boston Dental. We understand the importance of staying home during this period but in the case of emergencies, one must make the trip to our facilities. In light of this, we want to highlight the various measures we’re taking across the clinic to reassure you of your safety.

Sanitizing our premises and regular hygiene measures are taken regardless of Covid-19 protocols as we operate under high cleanliness standards and ensure regularly that we avoid cross-contamination. But with the onset of the pandemic, the need to educate ourselves on its pattern became a number one priority. How could we ensure our main goal of keeping our patients and team members safe if we were unsure of the harm?

This drove us to conduct independent research on the Covid-19 virus to understand it better and be able to identify its transfer pattern between individuals. Once this was completed, we were able to implement additional safety precautions across the facility to make sure everyone feels protected and safe within the Boston Dental space.

First came the need to filter and improve our air quality. We introduced hospital-grade Sanuvox air filtration systems in our clinics. Sanuvox is the leading manufacturer in Ultraviolet and Object Purification, which powers its air filtrations to trap submicron particles that can be harmful to one’s health. Eradicating at least 99.97% level airborne particles, as small as 0.3 microns, these filtration systems destroy and stop the spread of disease-causing organisms including bacteria, viruses, droplet nuclei, mold spores, and fungi.

We then distributed high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) for our team members for a dual-purpose; their safety and reassurance for our patients. They are now equipped with N95 masks, eye goggles, and face shields which are proven effective and of the highest quality. Limiting the need for a crowded space, we’ve implemented measures allowing only clinical staff that are trained in the use of PPEs to enter an operating room with a patient. Since these coveralls are exposed to air elements, we ensure thorough cleaning and maintenance of PPEs as well.

Our pride and joy, however, are the UV Disinfection Robots, proven to eradicate Covid-19 across surfaces, including other germs, harmful pathogens, and infectious diseases. As the first clinic in the United States to use these autonomous gems, we have seen their effective method of decontaminating the environment firsthand. Through the combined power of UV germicidal industrial solution and eight powerful UV-C lights, they self-navigate through a room while disinfecting at a 360-degree coverage. Within a time span of 10 minutes, they’ve sanitized the room. Due to their thoroughness, they eliminate the possibility of human error in traditional cleaning methods but also block their UV lights with a shield in case a human is present within their range during the sanitization process.

Onto the technical equipment for our procedures, we’ve introduced Intra Oral Isolation and Caviside CaviCide. Intra Oral Isolation is a rubber dam technique which helps isolate the problem tooth with a thin, 6-inch square sheet made of latex or nitrile. This helps throughout the procedure for the main purpose of reducing moisture, therefore reducing droplet transfer during human-to-human interaction.

CaviCide is a highly effective general-purpose disinfectant for cleaning throughout the day between patients. CaviCide has been clinically tested to clean, decontaminate, and disinfect equipment surfaces and non-critical instruments in hospital laboratories and other intensive care areas where environmental control of cross-contamination is important.

We’ve introduced a virtual dental consult channel to offer you complete peace of mind. Boston Clinic’s new teledentistry platform, covered by insurance, operates through phone or email where their team of experts can offer treatment options, durations, crucial steps, and advice to the patient. Alternatively, for Covid-19 patients, Boston Dental has one-day-a-week treatments and consultations. Only one patient would be welcomed at a time and the facility will be thoroughly sanitized before and after their visit.

We’re in a new era and this reiterates our initial claim; we’re in this together. We welcome dentists from other clinics to operate on our premises as we’re well aware that a limited number of dental providers are operational during this time. We’re open for you.

We would like to extend our best wishes to all of our employees and patients during this time.

Stay well and stay safe.