Boston Dental offer the invisalign system of removable aligners and to help you make an informed decision we endeavour to answer all your questions about invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a unique brand of aligner trays that function in a manner similar to braces, but without the discomfort or aesthetically displeasing side effects of metal brackets and wires. The aligner trays are clear and flexible, so they’re almost invisible, and they’re easily removable and easily reinstalled, so you have no dietary restrictions with the Invisalign system.

Are Invisalign trays really invisible?

Invisalign trays are made from SmartTrack, which is a medical-grade polyurethane thermoplastic that was created specifically for Invisalign and was approved by the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, for use in orthodontic appliances. It’s very elastic, so when the trays are placed on the teeth, they become virtually invisible. Since Invisalign requires no brackets or wires, there’s nothing to detract from the clear appearance of the aligner trays.

Can I wear Invisalign if I’m celiac?

Invisalign trays have been approved by the FDA and contain no gluten, neither do they contain BPA or BPS or latex.

Is the Invisalign plastic safe?

All of the Invisalign retainers and aligner trays are made from medical grade, thermoplastic polymers that have long been approved by the FDA for use inside a human body. These materials are biocompatible with the body, and all regulations have been met for their use inside the mouth.

They do not contain any:

  • Bisphenol A, or BPA
  • Bisphenol S, or BPS
  • Glutaraldehyde
  • Gluten
  • Epoxy
  • Latex
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates

Is the Invisalign treatment system new? How many success stories are there?

The Invisalign treatment system was approved by the FDA in 1998 for sale in the U.S. and it’s available in countries throughout the world. To date, Invisalign holds more than 900 patents and has successfully treated more than 6 million patients worldwide. Invisalign has the best fit of any aligner tray system, which means that the treatment is completed in as little as half the time of other aligner systems.

What are the benefits of the Invisalign treatment system?

The primary benefits of the Invisalign system are its comfort and its invisibility. Most people won’t notice you’re wearing aligner trays. You remove them when you eat or drink or when you’re brushing or flossing, and after the alignment period, you’ll wear them only when you sleep.

Since there are no brackets or wires, you’ll be more comfortable, and you won’t worry about a wire or bracket breaking and damaging your sensitive mouth tissues. Your trays will be replaced at intervals that will depend on your individual requirements, but replacing the trays ensures that your teeth straighten gradually and comfortably. Your Invisalign trays will be trimmed to fit your gum line, so they’ll look natural and be as comfortable as possible.

Should I have confidence in the Invisalign treatment system?

When your teeth are misaligned and misshapen, it can adversely affect your self-confidence and your self-esteem. Knowing that you’re addressing the issue can boost your self-confidence, and knowing that in a relatively short time, you’ll have straight, even teeth can significantly boost both your morale and your self-esteem. You won’t see overnight results, but you’ll gradually notice the difference and in a few weeks, you’ll notice a definite improvement.

Does Invisalign really straighten my teeth?

Each individual is unique and so are their treatment protocols. We can’t guarantee a particular outcome, but your dentist will examine your teeth during your initial visit and will advise you what to expect from an Invisalign treatment. We encourage our patients to share their expectations with their dentist during their initial appointment so that they’ll have realistic expectations. However, the Invisalign treatment system has helped millions of people achieve more beautiful smiles, no matter their age or the condition of their teeth.

What’s the best age for Invisalign?

The Invisalign treatment system is appropriate for patients of all ages, we’ve helped all age brackets from teen to mature adult and we can probably help you. If you have a common bite issue or misaligned teeth, then the Invisalign system may be the answer you’ve been seeking. If you have complex orthodontic issues, the Invisalign treatment system may be able to help you, so give us a call. For teens, a blue dot on the outside of the aligner tray indicates that it’s been worn for a sufficient amount of time each day.

How much time do I need to wear the trays each day?

In order to achieve the maximum results in the minimum amount of time, you need to wear your aligner trays for 20 to 22 hours each day. If you have a special event or a job interview, for instance, you can remove them, but be sure to replace them as soon as it’s feasible. The aligner trays can’t do their job if they’re not in your mouth, so wearing them for the recommended time each day will achieve the best results.

Unlike traditional metal braces that have dietary restrictions and usage restrictions, Invisalign doesn’t materially affect your daily life. You’ll need to remove the trays when you eat or drink or brush or floss, but you can continue to eat your favorite foods and live your life as you normally would, but with more self-confidence.

What about smoking and chewing gum?

We encourage our patients not to smoke, whether they’re wearing aligner trays or not. However, if you smoke, you’ll need to remove the trays because the nicotine will stain them.

Chewing gum is also discouraged because it will stick to the trays and you’ll have a mess. We recommend that you remove your aligner trays for all eating, drinking, and snack-related activities.

Will the aligner trays move around when I’m sleeping?

Your aligner trays are custom-fitted to your mouth, and they fit very snugly. They’re designed to stay firmly in place whether you’re laughing, talking or sleeping, so don’t worry about them moving when you’re asleep. The material that the trays are made from is very elastic so your trays will fit very snugly.

Can I switch from traditional metal braces to the Invisalign system?

If you’re currently wearing metal braces, you may be able to transition to the Invisalign system. There are treatment protocols currently being conducted using a combination of traditional metal braces and the Invisalign system. If you would like more information on this innovative concept, call our office for an appointment. We’d love to hear from you.

My teeth have shifted back after my braces were removed, can I use Invisalign now?

If your teeth are misaligned, no matter the reason, Invisalign should be able to help you. Many of our patients have experienced a reversion of alignment when their braces were removed, and the Invisalign system helps to discreetly re-straighten their teeth.

Will Invisalign work on crowns or veneers?

If you have crowns or veneers, but your teeth now need to be straightened, call our office to schedule a consultation. The answer to this question is determined on a case-by-case basis since each individual is unique.

Does Invisalign work if I have one or more bridges?

Since Invisalign is designed to straighten each individual tooth, it may not work for you. This would need to be determined on an individual basis, so call our office for an appointment and your dentist will determine if Invisalign will work for you.

How do I care for my aligner trays?

We recommend using the Invisalign cleaning system to clean your aligner trays. This system is available in our office or online. You can also use a soft toothbrush and a gentle toothpaste if you don’t opt to purchase the cleaning system. Use warm water only, because hot water can warp the aligner plastic.

How do I sanitize my aligner trays?

Normally, cleaning your aligner trays with the Invisalign cleaning system is sufficient, but if you’ve dropped them in an unsanitary area, then they should be sanitized. Use Invisalign cleaning crystals for the best results. In no more than 15 minutes, these powerful crystals can remove a substance as tough as plaque, so we highly recommend them. Do not, under any circumstances, place an unsanitary tray or aligner into your mouth.

Can my trays become stained?

Some foods, like pasta sauce or blueberries, can stain your aligner trays, so we recommend that you brush and floss after every meal before replacing your Invisalign aligner trays.

What happens if I lose or break an aligner tray?

If you’ve lost an aligner tray or you’ve broken one, call our office without delay. We need to get an aligner tray on your teeth so that your treatment regimen continues uninterrupted. We can order a new tray for you, we can use a previous set of trays, or we can progress to your next set of trays. Only your dentist will be able to determine the best treatment protocol for you, so call us as soon as possible if you’ve lost or broken an aligner tray.

Can I skip the dentist and order directly from Invisalign?

No, all retainers and aligner trays must be ordered by your dentists office. Invisalign trays are available by prescription only and must be ordered through a professional medical or dental office.

Where can I get the Invisalign treatment system?

Dentists who want to offer the Invisalign treatment system to their patients must be specially trained. Our orthodontic team has been trained in the Invisalign system, so we can provide you with this innovative and effective method of achieving straight teeth.

What happens during my consultation?

During your initial consultation, your orthodontist will discuss your objectives for your teeth and the time frame in which you can expect to complete the treatment. You’ll probably need a dental cleaning and a routine checkup before starting the Invisalign treatment because your gums and teeth need to be healthy and in good condition in order to receive the maximum benefit from the program.

Your treatment plan is digitally mapped in the computer and details the precise movements that your teeth will make to achieve the desired results. Your aligner trays will gently move your teeth during the procedure so that at the end, you have the straight teeth and the great smile that you want.

How long does the treatment take?

The time frame for treatment varies with the patient, and no two treatment protocols are exactly the same even though they use the Invisalign system. Factors that will affect the length of your treatment include the complexity of your dental issues and your dedication to wearing your aligners. Usually, the Invisalign treatment takes between 12 and 18 months, but you should see results in as little as a few weeks.

Is Invisalign available for only my upper or only my lower teeth?

Options for lower teeth or upper teeth only are available, but we recommend using Invisalign for both upper and lower. If you want Invisalign on only your upper or your lower teeth, discuss it with your doctor.

How many dentist visits will I need?

You’ll usually have an appointment with your dentist every four to six weeks. This enables us to monitor your progress and make adjustments to your treatment protocol so that you receive the maximum benefit from the treatment.

How many new aligner trays will I need?

You’ll receive new aligner trays every one to two weeks, depending on the treatment plan your orthodontist has specified.

Do I need attachments for my Invisalign aligner trays?

Not everyone needs to have attachments, but some of our patients need the SmartForce® attachments to facilitate their treatment. SmartForce® attachments are small shapes that are attached to your teeth and help your aligners exert the correct amount of pressure on your teeth. They help facilitate your treatment and enable the Invisalign system to correct complex orthodontic issues.

How long do I have to wear the trays each day?

Usually, you can expect to wear the aligner trays between 20 and 22 hours per day. This means that, except for eating, drinking, brushing or flossing, you’ll wear the aligner trays continually during your treatment period.

Will I need to wear a retainer after my Invisalign treatment?

Usually, our patients wear a retainer for a while after their treatment has ended, but each patient is different, so your orthodontist will determine the duration for which you’ll need to wear a retainer. You should be able to gradually reduce the time you wear the retainer until eventually, you’ll wear it only at night.

What’s the cost of the Invisalign treatment system?

Costs for the Invisalign treatment system are similar to those of traditional metal braces, but everyone is unique, so your cost for the Invisalign treatment system will be unique to you. Your cost will be based on the complexity of your orthodontic issues and the number of aligner trays you’re expected to need as well as other factors.

Several options are available for lessening the cost of the Invisalign treatment system. Many insurance plans cover the cost of orthodontic treatment and some tax-free health savings plans include orthodontic work. CareCredit is a financing option that’s available for orthodontic treatments, and it’s helped many of our patients with the cost of their treatment. Ask us about payment options for your Invisalign treatment, but don’t forego needed dental treatment because of budgetary constraints.


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