Invisalign is a relatively new advancement in dental care that has provided many individuals with straighter teeth. Teens and adults who otherwise might require braces can successfully use Invisalign instead of rigid braces to acquire straighter teeth. The many additional benefits of Invisalign over traditional metal braces makes the overall therapy of straightening teeth much more pleasant for patients. We would like to explain why your Boston-area cosmetic dentists might recommend this line of treatment for you.


1. It immediately changes the way you look compared to how your appearance would change if you opted for traditional metal braces. Braces, either or metal or hard plastic bands, are highly visible and break up the lines of your teeth. When your braces are relatively invisible, people don’t see the horizontal lines that they would otherwise.

2. Whenever you need to, you can remove your Invisalign retainer. Romantic snuggles with your significant other do not need to involve your braces. Enjoying your favorite aunt’s peanut brittle with your cousins can continue like always. Cleaning your Invisalign retainer is also simple, fast, and easy to do correctly. Missing just one spot on metal braces and it feels like the entire world knows what you ate last when you next look in the mirror.


1. Dental care prices can vary according to the procedure, but Invisalign retainers carry a lower cost in general over traditional braces.

2. Visits to the dentist take less time and therefore cost less. These visits are also less intensive than visits involving metal braces.

3. Because less can go wrong with Invisalign than with metal or plastic braces of the traditional variety unexpected mishaps are practically eliminated. While it is possible to lose your retainer, a quick call to your dentist can solve the situation. If you are very close to the next appointment, waiting a few days might not cause any problems. If you are a few weeks away from your next visit, a replacement can often be made rather quickly based off the last one you were given. Doing so still costs less than repairing broken braces.

Time involved

1. Invisalign retainers take between two and a half months to six months to produce the desired changes. Metal retainers can take much longer to accomplish the same results. Both dependant on the alignment needed.

2. Office visits go much more smoothly when new retainers need to be given to patients. Taking less time simply because Invisalign slips onto and over your teeth as opposed to requiring the dentist to manipulate the wires involved in other braces when it is time to refit you for the next stage.

3. Oral care at home requires less work on your part. Metal braces can collect food particles that must be manually removed from both your teeth and the wires themselves. While not recommended on a daily basis, it is possible to wait a while after eating before brushing your teeth. When wearing traditional braces, eating out at restaurants can create embarrassing situations.


1. Invisalign retainers do not cause any pain. There are no wires to poke you in the gums or cheeks. There are no small bands to snap your mouth when they slip off your fingertips, either.

2. Invisalign retainers gently move your teeth, so there is no sudden pulling sensation that many traditional braces wearers report. As you wear it, this retainer slowly moves your teeth into the correct place.

3. Your tongue helps you speak and chew your food. While doing this, your tongue moves within your mouth. Metal braces can cause pain when this happens. Invisalign is smooth to the touch and produces no problems when patients are speaking or chewing.

Other benefits

1. Removing your retainer before eating is only possible with Invisalign. This also lets you keep your established diet. With traditional braces, your diet much changes to protect your braces. Hard candies can cause braces to snap, and sticky food can become lodged throughout them. These situations can make cleaning your braces during normal tooth brushing much more difficult. Leftover food particles that remain can lead to the development of caries.

2. Taking photos does not mean your photos will be an additional dental history record of your progress. Invisalign barely shows in photographs. Braces remain highly visible at all times.

3. Any age adult can use Invisalign. There is no cut-off age that sets one age group apart. Invisalign can help adults of any age.

4. While you cannot safely use a set of traditional metal or plastic braces as a safety guard for your mouth during sports, you can use your Invisalign retainer as a mouth guard

5. Grinding your teeth in the night while you sleep can lead to wearing down of enamel, especially on molars. Those who wear braces are left without any protection from this habit. The bulk of such braces makes it nearly impossible to wear a mouth guard. However, Invisalign braces are a perfect solution and can protect your teeth from the wear and tear grinding causes.

Invisalign carries many benefits for patients compared to the use of traditional braces. Your dentist most certainly has your comfort in mind, as well as other facets of your life, when recommending these in place of metal or plastic braces. Their effectiveness has been shown to positively enhance patients’ lives from the very beginning of each patient’s use of them and well after treatment ends.

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